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EUROLIGHT is a composite board made from EXTREMELY STRONG 8mm EUROSPAN chipboard top and bottom surface layers, combined with a light, yet ROBUST cardboard honeycomb core.

So what makes EUROLIGHT unique?

EUROLIGHT has all the characteristics of modern wood based panel. It's STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT, ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE, is perfect for the INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY and offers a premium look with a HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE.

So whether you're an architect or interior designer, shopfitter or furniture manufacturer, we believe there's something of interest to you. Over the coming pages we would like to present these key product benefits in more detail, which we hope will inspire you to use EUROLIGHT in your next project.

Sizes (mm)

2800 x 2070 x 38

Colors Available

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Strong yet Lightweight

Being light doesn't have to mean weak. EUROLIGHT is as strong and stable as they come.

Lightening the load can save both fabrication time and manpower. Client demands for chunky furniture usually requires several boards to be bonded together - not so with 38mm EUROLIGHT boards, which are 60% lighter than the equivalent thickness of MDF or chipboard.

And with less weight, manoeuvrability is improved and lifting is less demanding.

It has excellent bending strength, thanks to its honeycomb core construction and is easy to machine and edge, with most applications requiring no special fittings.

This combination of high strength and low weight presents you with a unique range of application possibilities, from long expansive shelving units to mobile seating and benches.

Gone are the days of exposed wires. Due to the sandwich construction, all of the cables and wiring can be directly through the honeycomb core where it is effectively invisible. Lighting, power sockets, charging stations, speakers or even iPod docking solutions can be integrated into the EUROLIGHT core, which opens up a host of new design possibilities.

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