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about DFWI

About DFWI

about DFWI

DFWI Ghana Ltd. Is an international company with its headquarters in Lebanon. Read more

Edge Banding

Edge Banding is a decorative material used to finish and seal raw material edges such as chipboard or MDF main component of modern day furniture. Edge banding can be found in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office etc.. The edge banding is performed with the professional italian SCM Olimpic K800 EVO numerically controlled edge bander.

SCM Olimpic K800

The machine is equipped with preliminary milling units to smooth the surface before edge banding which results in extraordinary quality of the veneer surface and no chipping of the board along the edge of the contact with the veneer. At the final stage of the edge banding process the material is scrapped to ensure smooth edges.

At DFWI GHANA LTD we use high quality EGGER edge banding to give our displays the best possible finish and to make sure they survive the day to day handling experienced in the retail environment. Our edge banding is available in a huge range of colors form the neutral plain colors to wood grains, patterns and bright eye catching finishes.