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about DFWI

About DFWI

about DFWI

DFWI Ghana Ltd. Is an international company with its headquarters in Lebanon. Read more

Building Products

We have quality construction tools from our Italian supplier. Telescopic props, Rapid Clamps, Shuttering clamps, Tie Rods & accessories. All our construction tools are Europe Certified

Egger Timber

Egger Timber (White Wood)

EGGER timber is available in an extensive, tested and certified product range, it is used for decorative as well as structural applications and mainly for the building construction.

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Egger OSB

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a rigid and dimensionally stable wood panel made of three layers of thin wood strands, glued together with a synthetic moisture resistant binder, under high temperature and controlled pressure conditions.

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Marine Plywood (Sindoplex & Parrotplex)

Primary use is for building construction and concrete formwork. Marine plywood is known by its strength, high waterproof characteristics, smooth shuttering finish surface and safe application. Standard sizes: 2440 x 1220 x 18MM

Telescopic Props

PU 420 Telescopic Props

They are suitable for all types of shoring, practically, economical and resilient.

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Clip or Spring Clamp or Rapid Clamp

It is used to reinforce the walls with the quarry face technique. They are useful to block the rod iron of 6 or 10 mm of diameter to lock the reinforcement.

Shuttering Clamp

It is one of the oldest reliable and traditional way used to reinforce the walls available in 70cm, 90cm & 120 cm.

Tie Rod

Has a size of 15/17mm ø used to fix the panels during the reinforcement, to maintain the walls' shape once they have been casted. Once the cast is done, unlike the spacers, these can be recovered and their holes are filled with plastic caps.

Forged Anchor Nut

The forged anchor nut of 10 kn is used to fix the tie rods when creating the reinforcement with the panels.